Vancouver - Mussel Bedroom

With the ability to bedroom combine timeless design with an abundance of function and space management, Vancouver is a stylish illustration of layout expertise. Features include spacious hanging space, accessible cupboards, display areas and gently gliding drawers.

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Calcutta - Hornchurch Ivory Bedroom

The traditional elegance of inlaid panels makes Calcutta a bedroom of definition and timeless appeal. Fitted robes provide ample storage facilities and mirrored panels are in added asset that reflect natural light in the room. Pictured in Ivory, a matching headboard completes the look.

Cologne - Hornchurch Ivory Bedroom

Natural décor and accessories work perfectly with this simple yet elegant shaker design. The reeded pilasters and glass doors add interest to the mid section. The end result is a very calm understated bedroom with broad appeal.

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Duleek - Black Gloss with Light Tiepolo Bedroom

Chic and sophisticated, this bedroom has a real “Uptown New York” feel to it. However the understated styling would look equally well in less far off fields! The woodgrain surrounding panels add warmth and contrast to the black gloss doors. Very much a bedroom for those with cosmopolitan tastes.

Galaxy Bedroom - Legno Light Grey and Terra

A new era for the bedroom, Galaxy takes a fresh approach to layout and the possibilities on offer. A range of eye-catching wall and floor units provide a geometric play for the eyes. As well as combining Legno Light Grey and Terra, the fresh colour combination is a welcome pioneering new look.

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Galaxy Bedroom - Light Grey

Presenting Galaxy, a new world of bedroom furniture excellence. Handsome lines denote the styling of the wardrobes. Minimalist lines are complemented by mirror panels.

Ottowa Bedroom - Ontario Maple

The subtle grain of the Ontario Maple is bright and fresh, ideal for this simple yet tasteful design. Overhead units and headboard shelf leave no space unused. Sisal flooring compliments the green accent colours creating a tranquil bedroom ambience.

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Windermere Bedroom - Hornchurch White

With elegant panelling and crafted finishing, Windermere can sit at home with in the bedroom, a hallway or any area of the home where storage is of up most importance. Colour choices complement existing decoration and allow your home to function and flow at its best.

Stella Bedroom and Duro Doors

A range of woodgrain, metallic and pastel high gloss doors to brighten any bedroom. The ultimate choice for a modern and sleek design.

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Tenby Bedroom - Woodgrain Painted

The Tenby bedroom door utilises clean lines and seamless edges with the “J” handle giving the room that uncluttered look.

Reed Bedroom - Smooth Matt Painted

Reed allows you to make dreams of contemporary bedroom storage a reality. Flush wardrobe doors in cloud-like Light Grey make the understatement of design supremacy. Combine with dramatic colour contrasts for maximum effect.


Hyde Bedroom - Woodgrain Painted

Storage is a serious business and most homes lack enough space for its requirements. Bringing solutions neatly and succinctly into order, admire the splendour of Hyde. Floor to ceiling capacities are the hallmark of this streamlined bedroom design.

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